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Insulation Management Program

Many companies fail to recognize that a properly selected, specified, installed and maintained thermal insulation system is an excellent investment with high returns.  When compared to other conservation measures, the payback is usually very quick, often less than six months, and the savings are tremendous.  Insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to help meet operating cost reduction and energy conservation goals.

How well insulated piping and equipment performs over time depends not only on the quality of installation but also how well the insulation system is maintained.  Insulated systems are susceptible to many forms of physical stress.  Small isolated problems created by abuse, stress concentration, initial workmanship or other causes result in reduced proficiency and shorter service life.  Left undetected or ignored, these small problems can lead to energy loss and corrosion under insulation.

Implementing Mansfield Industrial’s Barrier Maintenance Solutions program can help you maintain your thermal envelop in the most asset-effective manner.  The BMS® program removes much of the risk associated with insulation work and delivers a consistent program of quality and reduced life cycle cost.  Our thermal insulation specialists will inventory your existing insulated and/or fireproofed assets, identify damaged materials and associated CUI, and develop an action plan that prioritizes repairs.  Our auditors also have the ability to identify personal protection, winterization and condensation control requirements to help insure continued safe operation of your facility.

We provide, install and maintain thermal barrier products that save energy, reduce harmful emissions and conserve our natural resources.