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Quality Assurance

The purpose of the Mansfield Industrial Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program is to insure compliance with design criteria, specifications, codes and standards, and applicable laws and regulations, including the Process Safety Management standard. The program also includes evaluating, identifying and recommending adjustments to the activities or tasks to provide confidence that the work will satisfy the relevant quality standards.

Our Quality Management Plan identifies applicable quality standards and checklists that are relevant to the job scope. The Plan also addresses how these quality standards will be implemented, inspected and reported. We insure that quality is planned into the Project versus a reactive approach that measures quality through audits completed after the work is done.

Reporting and trending of inspection and audit results are essential for measuring and improving the effectiveness of the QA/QC program. We require all personnel whose functions affect quality to have a sufficient combination of training, education and experience to effectively carry out their assigned responsibilities. In addition, our inspectors have the organizational freedom to identify quality problems, to initiate or recommend solutions, and to verify implementations of solutions.

Some of the key elements of our Quality Assurance program include:

Industry Consensus Standards Certifications

The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC)

QP1 -Field Applications of Coatings Complex Structures
QP2 -Industrial Hazardous Paint Removal

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

NACE1 - Generalist Certification
NACE2 - Specialist Certification