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Structural Steel and Metal Building Erection

Mansfield Industrial is an independent erector of structural steel, bar joists and decks, and pre-engineered metal buildings.  We routinely work with architects, contractors, and owners to meet budgetary considerations and facility expansion needs.  Our holistic focus on systems engineering and fabrication methods helps every party involved reduce interim financing costs through faster construction and minimized field labor expense.  Our approach and methods lead to the added benefit of earlier occupancy and a head start on day-to-day operations.

We take pride in our proven track record of erection services which include both small and large building projects, additions, retrofits, and reroofing of existing structures.  Our success is attributed to the high level of professionalism and dedication of our innovative staff and the solid reputation that Mansfield has built by completing each job with superior workmanship.  Our reputation for meeting deadlines and budgets along with our emphasis on safety and quality, mean that you can count on us to deliver on time and on budget.

Metal Buildings

With architectural metals being used much more prominently in all types of construction, and the increased awareness of the design flexibility when using metal, the pre-engineered building industry has gained greater acceptance.  Metal buildings have come a long way since the ‘50's and today are widely used by architects, engineers and contractors as a cost effective and attractive way to construct anything from warehouses to low rise office complexes to municipal, military and institutional facilities. Conventional and pre-engineered building systems have captured over 60 percent of the low-rise domestic market in the last decade.

Mansfield offers both conventional and pre-engineered building construction for industrial, manufacturing and heavy commercial clients.  Projects have come to us with full plans and specifications as well as a simple one page sketch that we transform into a full proposal.  Whether you have a conceptual drawing or more developed design details, we can fill in the blanks and offer value engineering ideas that will save you time and money.

While we perform many of our structural steel and metal building erection as the General Contractor, we also perform as a subcontractor. In addition, we perform repair work which includes but is not limited to roof leak repairs, replacing damaged wall panels due to impact or weather, and removing and reinstalling gutter and downspouts.

Steel Erection

Mansfield Industrial specializes in structural steel erection, tilt-wall and pre-cast panel erection, as well as decking and miscellaneous steel installation.  Our crews will unload, erect, plumb, bolt, and weld steel structures of many types, in all kinds of access conditions and consistent with project requirements.  Our proactive approach identifies pitfalls and potential delays early in the construction process when alternative options are still feasible. Staying ahead of your project at all times assures keeping construction on time and on budget.  When you select Mansfield you are getting a team of industry professionals capable of creating building solutions that meet the needs of your project.

With our broad and diverse knowledge of the erection business our team strives to provide our clients with service, quality, and value in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you need an open-air structure, a manufacturing facility, or a warehouse or shop with overhead cranes, let our expertise guide you through the process. We do whatever it takes to work around your existing conditions to keep your facilities operating.  If you want to build with experience, safety and integrity, build with Mansfield.  We look forward to bringing our solutions to the future challenges of the industry.