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Sewer/Line Cleaning and Digital Media Inspection

Mansfield Industrial provides comprehensive cleaning and inspection of sewer and process systems for municipalities and facilities owners. Line moleing is an effective means to safely clear obstructions from underground piping, process lines and sewer systems and restore them to original flow capacity. A combination of high-pressure water and a high-velocity vacuum dislodges and removes the flushed materials. This service is effective on a variety of materials and can be performed without physical entry into the system. We have automated equipment capabilities up to 72 diameter.

Digital media inspection of underground or closed systems is a favored technology in detecting blockage, defects, corrosion and failure. In addition to providing immediate results the data can be analyzed and correlated at any time in the future, enabling cause and effect determination years later. Mansfield Industrial offers both track-driven and floating platforms. They can operate in either partially or fully submerged conditions, up to one mile from a single access point.

Significant reasons for digital media inspection include:

Mansfield Industrial is a pioneer in the use of digital media for storing inspection data. Our robotic inspection equipment can produce and preserve inspection data in both videotape and digital formats. We also have web-based data storage capability for instant customer access. Investments in systems and technology has differentiated us from our competition and allowed us to provide our customers up-to-date analysis of costs and productivity.