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Mansfield Industrial is a world class provider of industrial coatings, insulation, fireproofing, refractory, industrial cleaning, scaffolding, metal building erection and roofing services. Using leading-edge technologies, our supervisors and technicians deliver safe, high-quality and cost competitive solutions, assuring client satisfaction and on-time completion. With over 35 years of industrial experience, we can handle the most challenging projects, regardless of their location, complexity or material requirements.

At Mansfield Industrial our highest priority is to foster a culture that instills a sense of pride and duty to protect the health and welfare of every employee, and everyone we associate with during the course of our business activities. We are committed to safeguarding our employees and to supplying our customers with the highest quality services possible.

Taking best practice and innovative ideas from our diversified market experience and incorporating them into our work processes allows for customized performance, rather than a one size fits all approach. Many of our clients have realized significant savings from our unique blend of “bundled” services and multi-skill labor practices that eliminate redundancy through consolidation of contract services.

Mansfield has developed a web-based interactive barrier management program that provides an integrated maintenance approach to coatings, insulation and roofing. Barrier Maintenance Solutions (BMS®) removes much of the risk associated with barrier system protection and delivers consistent quality and reduced life cycle cost. Well managed companies recognize that from an asset optimization standpoint, maintaining barrier protection is business critical.

Mansfield’s specialty craft services are known throughout the industry as setting the pace for others to follow.

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