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Blast/Coating Facilities

Theodore, Alabama

Conveniently located along the I-10 corridor, our original 27 acre facility includes six separate areas under roof (22,000 sq. ft.) and 25 acres of staging and lay-down.

Grosse Tete, Louisiana

Newly constructed in 2008, we have another facility strategically located just east of Baton Rouge along the I-10 corridor. Our 120 acre state-of-the-art operation includes a 14,400 sq. ft. area under roof with Wheelabrater-Blastrac machines for steel de-scaling and surface preparation - capable of handling up to 48” dia. material of any length.

Facilities Operation - Surface Preparation and Coatings Installation

Typical operations at each facility include sandblast-paint, metalizing, fireproofing and insulation. These environmentally compliant facilities can meet your surface preparation requirements using recyclable steel shot or a variety of media including sand, steel grit, steel shot, aluminum oxide, star blast, glass bead and slag abrasives. We blast, coat, fireproof or insulate piping, vessels, structural steel, heavy equipment, bridge decking, light/transmission poles, fleet trailers and OEM products.

Mansfield specializes in the application of sophisticated coatings and linings. With the ability to control temperature and humidity inside of our facilities, difficult systems are applied year round. Our applications include waterborne and solvent based coatings, alkyds, epoxies, enamels, coatings for underground service, phenolics, urethanes, vinyl esters, coal tar, plural component products, polyureas, bitumastic polyurethane, inorganic and organic zincs, arc and flame spray metalizing, and belzona and ARC ceramic filled coatings. Our coatings substrates include galvanized metal, aluminum, concrete, cast, wood, fiberglass, iron, steel, and ductile iron.

Our commitment to outstanding service, combined with our competitive pricing, will help you get each job done to specifications, on time, and within budget - every time. Whether your structural steel needs primed or your vessel needs lined, Mansfield can meet your technical specification requirements and exceed your expectations. We 100% Guarantee ALL of our work!

Clients typically deliver items such as steel works, equipment, pipe, valves and other components directly to our facilities where our crews can provide timely, efficient service. Our state-of-the-art facilities can accommodate components, structures and vessels with size restriction only limited by highway permitting. With over 145 acres of available yard space and over 36,000 square feet under roof, it's no wonder so many companies rely on us for all of their coating needs. Investment in these facilities have strengthened our service offering, expanded our customer reach, and provided our clients with best value solutions.