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Roofing Management Program

Roofs take more abuse than any other part of a building.  Unfortunately, because roofing systems are not in constant view, it is easy to neglect them.  The replacement value of the typical building roof is between five and twenty-five dollars per square foot.  When considering the replacement value plus the value of the other building components and contents the roof protects, it is simply too large of an investment to ignore.

All roof systems are susceptible to many forms of chemical and physical stress that represent the “normal” long-term aging process. Small isolated problems created by abuse, stress concentration, initial workmanship or other causes result in shorter service life.  Left undetected or ignored, these small problems escalate over time until the damage is more extensive and expensive to resolve.

It has been firmly established that maintenance management practices such as carrying out regular condition assessment, general maintenance, localized repair and systematic renewal, or some combinations of these practices, is the best option for minimizing life cycle cost, maximizing performance and minimizing risk. 

Regular maintenance is a critical part of the roofing life cycle that can greatly impact long-term performance.  Additionally, most roofing materials manufacturers require regular maintenance to validate their warranty.  An effective preventative maintenance program not only adds years of service life to the roof, but detects and corrects minor problems before damage becomes widespread, avoiding costly interruptions of daily operations.  It also allows owners to maximize the return on their maintenance expenditure and execute a planned, organized approach to roof management, consistent with multi-year capital budgeting.