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ES&H Process

Providing safe and environmentally sound construction services must begin with a proactive approach to identifying hazards and mitigating risk. To that end, there are two valuable processes in our ES&H program that we use to manage risk, and protect people and assets.

The Job Hazard & Risk Analysis (JHRA) is a proactive tool that is implemented prior to start of work. It is used by each work crew to identify the work steps and associated hazards, and the methods set in place to eliminate or control the hazards. The JHRA is a "mandatory" element of our work process and is considered the cornerstone of our safety program.

The K2 Audit Risk Rating System (KARRS) is used as a key observation tool during performance of the work. The objective is to continuously evaluate the level of risk our work presents and confirm that safe behaviors and safe conditions are being maintained. Key ES&H “Performance Indicators" are measured by the KARRS Program with feedback provided by the reporting metrics. All employees are held accountable for working safely, within established KARRS risk tolerance levels.

These two Programs are embraced at all levels of the organization to proactively identify hazards, evaluate risk, and eliminate unacceptable levels of risk in our daily work.