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Customer Satisfaction

At Mansfield Industrial, customer satisfaction is a top priority.  Project Managers and first line supervisors are responsible for the overall success of the job but division management has accountability for the way our work is perceived by the customer.  Our ultimate goal is to have continuous improvement toward 100% customer satisfaction for all of the indices we measure.  To facilitate this process client representatives are requested to complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey at any time appropriate during the life of a job or periodically during routine maintenance or project execution.   The survey results are fed into a database that measures progress for each client we serve and discussed at each managers meeting throughout all levels of the organization.  The results are also shared with client representatives so they can better gauge our progress toward improvement. 

The link below will allow you to open a survey form, complete it and forward your comments to the appropriate Mansfield Industrial representative.

Download the Mansfield Industrial Survey Here
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Mansfield Industrial is dedicated to Safety, Quality Performance, Customer Satisfaction, and Personnel Development.   We accomplish this through consistent planning, excellent execution of job procedures, innovative approaches, emerging technology, employing the most experienced people in the industry, and providing extensive training and development of our personnel.  Mansfield Industrial persistently strives for constant improvement of our services by listening to our customer’s feedback and performing jobs in a safe and efficient manner.