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Vacuum Services

Mansfield Industrial owns and operates a sizable fleet of vacuum trucks, with more than 50 units in service. Our fleet includes wet, dry and combination wet/dry vacuum trucks to handle your material movement needs for everything from water to heavy sludge. Whether your job involves routine maintenance, a time-critical outage or turnaround activities, Mansfield Industrial will provide a safe and value driven solution.

Liquid Vacuuming Services

Our liquid vacuum units safety remove and transport liquid and entrained solids waste materials from sewers, trenches, surface impoundments and vessels. Both hazardous and non-hazardous materials can be efficiently removed and transferred to support clean-up operations. These materials typically consist of chemical spills, wastewater, sludge, oils and solvents.

Our fleet of vacuum equipment with an average age of less than three years includes:

  • SuperSucker
  • Guzzler
  • Cusco
  • King Vac
  • Vactor
  • Gap Vacs

We have over 50 units, including:

Air-Moving Services

Our air-moving equipment is capable of handling a wide range of solid industrial wastes and salvageable materials from hazardous or difficult to reach areas. Our high volume units can effectively remove both wet and dry materials from tanks, silos, pits, hoppers cargo holds and roof tops. Anywhere in your facility where undesired materials build up, we can design the necessary vacuum system to get them out, including hard-to-reach catalyst.