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Fireproofing Services

Protecting a building or structure from collapse or catastrophic failure during a fire is serious business.  Mansfield Industrial is a leading applicator of cementitous, fibrous, intumescent mastic and epoxy fireproofing materials providing a formidable last line of defense fire rating up to 4 hours.  The products we install meet or exceed the most stringent specifications and codes for all fireproofing applications and our work is certified by all major manufacturers.

Some of the most common uses of fireproof systems include vessel skirts, tank support legs and critical structural steel members.  Mansfield provides first time installations, as well as maintenance, upgrading and repair of deteriorated or fire-damaged systems.  For field applied fireproofing and structural repairs, we have the expertise to offer turn-key construction in a variety of industrial and heavy commercial environments.

Whether you’re in the planning stage or ready to build, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with system recommendations, cost estimates and schedules.  Let us be your solution to achieving fire resistance ratings for exposed structural supports.

Service and Applications