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Roofing Systems & Services

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Mansfield Industrial is a leading supplier of low-slope and metal roofing systems in the industrial and heavy commercial markets.   Our service technicians are trained, certified and licensed to install or repair all major roofing systems providing roof system services unequalled by our competitor.  While roofs typically represent only five to ten percent of a structure’s capital cost, roofs protect 100% of the building and its contents.  How well a roof performs over time depends not only on the quality of installation but also on how well a roof is maintained.  With regular care and maintenance, your roof will perform incident-free beyond its design life.  The Mansfield Roof Services Group, complimented by our Roof Management Program, will provide all of the services our customers need to maximize the return on their roofing investment.


Mansfield Industrial provides the following Roofing Systems and Services

Mansfield Industrial is a certified applicator for the following roofing manufacturers and systems:

Low-Slope Roof Systems

Metal Roof Systems